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In today's global business environment, organizations that can leverage employee talent to generate innovation will lead the competition, provide better service value, and generate profits and growth. We offer curated business solutions based on your business needs. We don't just identify problems. We work with your team to understand root cause, develop a strategic vision and plan, implement countermeasures, standardize operations or business processes, and offer training and development.  

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Strategic planning and thinking are cornerstones for a strong business foundation.  Strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization's future direction.  In order to determine where it is going, the organization needs to know exactly where it stands, then determine where it wants to go and how it will get there. 


We will work with you to develop and define a strong strategic process for your organization.  Executive strategy sessions, organizational team meetings, and process mapping are a few ways Ilgen International can help your organization set the course for success.

Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, skills, and information. Learning may occur as part of education, personal development, school or training. Successful organizations support the basic human need for learning through corporate training and educational programs.


Ilgen International offers customized training and development programs based on your business needs.  We work with you to design curriculum that is relevant and valuable for your organization to promote employee growth, engagement, and business performance.


Let's collaborate to provide your company real business impact through education and team building!

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Solutions and innovation allow an organization to renew and change. Through innovative solutions, the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, and ideas are born.  When implemented, these generate a competitive advantage for a company.

Our team has intimate knowledge of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and over 25 years of Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, and Kaizen (continuous improvement) experience.


We have experience working in various business sectors including, automotive, consumer packaged goods, retail apparel, manufacturing, and film industry.


Engage Ilgen International to work with your team to identify operational efficiencies, improve your supply chain, and drive results.



What are you waiting for?  

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